Kebab Deal 2


Any 9″ pizza, large doner kebab, onion rings & 6 hot wings


Additional information

9" Pizza

Cheese & Tomato, Vegetarian, Vegetarian Hot, Chicken Tandoori, Mexican Flame, Chicken Masala, Chicken Balti, Hot Stuff, Pompei, Gourmet Pepperoni, Super Chick, Maria, Meaty Bites, Florence, Italian Job, Milano, Vesuvius, Vegi Deluxe, Americano Hot, Seafood, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, BBQ Chicken, Farmhouse, BBQ Special, Chicken Tikka Special, Pizza Town Special, Spicy Hot & Sweet, Doner Pizza

Kebab Sauce

BBQ, Chili, Ketchup, Garlic Mayo, Plain Mayo, Burger Sauce, None

Kebab Salad

Salad, No Salad


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